Nuoxun (Shanghai) energy technology co., LTD.Nuoxun (Shanghai) energy technology co., LTD.

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Whether in the desert or in the sea, in the city or in the countryside.
Our products serve energy projects around the world, providing continuous assurance for energy access and transport.

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Cultivate in the fertile soil of energy, hard struggle,
for oil and gas, refineries, energy and power industries worldwide, to provide professional products and services.

Norschin Energy Technologies (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd

We provide mechanical and electrical products marketing, trade services, engineering technology consulting and other one-stop marketing
services for petroleum and natural gas, refining and chemical industry, energy and electric power, shipbuilding, liquefied natural gas and general industrial projects worldwide.

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Focus on the latest trends of the industry and the company, grasp the cutting-edge technology, present the future trend of the industry

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