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Field Intelligent Instrument

We can provide field instrumentation products covering the entire  control process, including flow meters, pressure transmitters,differential pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and liquid level transmitters.

Flow Meter

The flowmeter includes electromagnetic flowmeter, Coriolis mass flowmeter, vortex flowmeter and float flowmeter.Our electromagnetic flowmeter provides a flexible configuration for industrial use in most areas.The Coriolis mass flowmeter is divided into a body type and a body type.Both models have high precision digital signal processing elements, which can achieve accurate and stable flow measurement.At the same time we provide a variety of vortex flow meters.

Pressure Transmitter

We offer a complete line of pressure transmitters that meet the ISA100 standard.The product line includes differential pressure transmitters for measuring various process connections, absolute pressure transmitters and gauge pressure transmitters.

Temperature Transmitter

The temperature transmitter is a significant improvement over the directly connected product.It performs advanced diagnostics without the need for special wiring and simplifies engineering and maintenance.We offer head-mounted, dish-mounted and field-mounted devices that cover different temperature scenarios.

Liquid level transmitter

Our digital pressure transmitter represents an innovative, advanced transmitter technology with a high precision differential pressure resonance (DPharp) sensor.




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