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We provide technical consulting services for EPC projects in oil refining, chemical, electric power, natural gas and other energy industries.

EPC general contract includes Engineering, Procurement and Construction. EPC general contract is to deliver the final products and services to the owner for the purpose of the whole project to implement the overall idea, comprehensive arrangement, coordinated operation of the closely connected contract mode.EPC mode requires the general contractor to have a high level of technology and management in design, procurement and construction and other fields and specialties.EPC general contracting can effectively make use of its professional advantages in various fields of technology and rich experience in management coordination and control, so that the project can be completed on time, with guaranteed quality and quantity.

With the deepening of the national strategy of "One Belt And One Road", the cooperation between China and the world is increasing day by day, Chinese contractors are recognized by major companies in the world, and China undertakes more and more EPC energy projects.

We have established friendly cooperative partnerships with a number of domestic energy industry professional institutions to provide technical consulting services for the entire project cycle of EPC projects in the energy industry.



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