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Diesel Power Generation System includes diesel engine main engine, generator and integrated power system to meet the needs of emergency power supply. Diesel generators range from 300kVA to 18000kVA.Diesel generator sets are easy to configure, easy to install and easy to operate, with excellent transient response capability and steady-state performance, and world-class fuel efficiency.

Diesel Engine Mechanical Driven System includes main engine, drive unit and auxiliary system. Diesel engine mechanical drive system is widely used in different fields such as ship, construction, forestry, agriculture and mining, etc. It provides power for Marine propulsion, port machinery, rotary drilling machine, fire pump, air compressor and other equipment.The power range of diesel engine mechanical drive is 8 to 6000 bkW, which can meet your power requirements for a variety of jobs.

We cooperate with the world's major diesel engine manufacturers, will provide you with the best quality diesel engine power.



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