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Regulating Valve

We provide pneumatic regulating Valve, Electric Regulating Vave and Hydraulic Regulator.

The product adopts the top guide structure, the valve body channel is S streamline.The product has the characteristics of small pressure drop loss, large circulation capacity, wide adjustable range, high accuracy of flow characteristic curve and good anti-vibration performance.The product is usually equipped with pneumatic thin film actuators, the whole machine structure is compact, the ability to resist pressure difference is strong, can be used to control a variety of different pressure and temperature of the fluid.

Technical parameters

Valve diameter: 3/4"~20" (DN20~DN300)

Pressure rating: ASME CLASS 150~2500(PN16~PN420)

Main materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and duplex steel

Operation mode: pneumatic thin film operation mode, pneumatic piston operation mode, electric operation mode



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